Unfortunately, I did not make the run-off for United States Congress.
But, let me take a moment to address one of the reasons I am not a member of any political party.
First off, Trump will be my next president just as Obama is my current president.
As Bush, Clinton and so on before that.

We had eight years of the right whining and complaining about Obama trying to fight him at every turn.
Now, even before being sworn in, before one policy has been enacted, the fight against our next president has started.

I ran for office as a no-party because of this political divide.

I have no time for whiners.
Don't like something?

Come up with a better idea and present it, share it, write to your elected representative or run for office, even at the local level.

But, the statement "He is not MY president" really bothers me. Obama is MY president. As Trump will be MY next president.

Is anyone willing to stand up for America before their party?