For United States Congress


Ever notice how politicians love to spend your money?


They call themselves conservatives...


They say they are fiscally responsible...


So why is the first thing on their campaign

website a donation button?


Because they love spending your money,

even before they are in office.


How much the others have collected in campaign contributions

Protect 2nd amendment

Because law abiding citizens

shouldn't be punished

protect Religious freedoms

Everyone should have freedom to practice their religion without government interference


For United States Congress

Someone In the Middle

for Louisiana

I entered this race because both of the established political parties keep distancing themselves from each other.  It is time to get back to basics and find some common ground.  Let's face the simple truth, both sides have some good ideas.

So why can't they work together?  Simple, the establishment will not let them.


Because I am beholden to no party, I will not be forced to vote along party lines.

As a "No Party" representative, I will be free to vote for what is best for Louisiana!

Stop Sending Fat Cats

To Washington!!!

Did you know? The citizens of Louisiana's 4th Congressional District

have an median income of $31,085.


Do these multi-millionaires really care about the average working family?


How can they even relate to the day-to-day struggles of their constituents?


For United States Congress

About Mark...

Mark's grandmother was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1920.  Mark's parents and grandparents

instilled not only a strong sense of family, but also a strong work ethic and sense of fairness.


Mark comes from a family who have been proud to serve.

Family members have served during WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm

and Operation Enduring Freedom.


After 9/11 at the age of 31, Mark enlisted in the United States Navy.


Mark is a resident of Golden Meadows in Bossier City and currently

works as an Information Technology Specialist in the timber industry.



For United States Congress

Contact Information

I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to email me using the link below...